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Malachai Smith

Born and raised in different parts of Ohio gives me the flexibility to know different parts of the state, from stark county to Cuyahoga county. As a real estate agent I am dedicated to perform top notch service to my clients. Understanding what my clients needs and wants are my top priority. When it comes to buying or selling a home the process is never easy that’s why I am here to make your life simple in a stressful situation.


I graduated from Parma senior high the youngest of 3 older brothers. Through out my early 20’s o struggled to find out what I wanted out of life and where I was gonna go on my career path. And then I found real estate and fell in love with the whole process. Like many of you I use to scroll all day and night on my phone just looking at houses now I get to be the person behind what you see on your screen and it’s very satisfying knowing I will be such a huge part of your lives! Please call or text me at anytime of the day I will be eating to hear from you !

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