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Mike Delmore

Born and raised in Seven Hills, OH. I am the youngest of 6. After graduating from Normandy High School, I graduated with a Business degree from Bowling Green State University. After a few years in Parma, I moved back to Seven Hills and have been here for the last 17 years. I am proud to say that I live right across the street from my parents. Married for 17 years, we have 2 wonderful children. I have enjoyed coaching them in Baseball, Softball, Basketball, and Football and watching them grow into young adults.


My sales career started off selling copiers for Pitney Bowes downtown back when copiers just made copies!! This job really set the hook in. I love helping others with tough decisions and making them feel at ease as they arrive at the best decision for their particular circumstance. It really is a special experience when salespeople are able to impart their knowledge in areas that can be confusing or even overwhelming at times.  


Construction has always been a hobby for my father and I from building a vacation home growing up to finishing basements and attics in our families and siblings homes. This experience gives me the insight into housing and allows me to help inform buyers about the opportunities and cautions in the exciting housing market. I look forward to working with you in this exciting time in your life as you choose your first, next, or forever home.  

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